Gay amputee dating

Avoid physically rigorous activities like hiking, bowling or date ideas where there is a lot of walking involved, like a city tour.If your partner uses a wheelchair and you plan to visit a museum or a theater, ensure beforehand that the venue has a ramp and other facilities like a washroom for the disabled.

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Instead organize your date around activities which don’t involve much of a physical strain like going to a movie, a concert or an art gallery.

They may ask themselves, "why should anyone be interested in me when there are so many people with all four limbs? So if you are dating an amputee, it is important that you should say positive things to them.

For instance compliment your girlfriend on her hairdo or mention to your boyfriend that the jacket suits him very well.

However if you have met an amputee and wish to know him/her better or generally explore dating an amputee, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Focus the person not the disability When you are going out with an amputee, don’t put all your focus on your partner’s disability.

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