Frugal people dating

Maybe something along the lines of, “Give an example of a time you repaired something instead of buying a new one,” or “What frugal accomplishment are you most proud of?

” People reveal more of their personality in their writing, so make sure there’s opportunity to express oneself.

) would under the covers be a Frugal-Wanna-Be Dating Site.

Frugality is a very strong indicator of personal values, and I think that a lot of these dating sites try to link up people by common activities (hiking, travel, poetry, etc.) when actually it’s values that can make or break a relationship.

My husband loves tennis and soccer, I don’t – big deal.

@Josh – The “fee” could simply be in terms of time such as a long application. actually, I’m curious as to why some company hasn’t thought of charging young hopefuls to apply for a job yet. But then again, there’s always the option to split finances (even for things like rent: the splurger pays for most of the extras).

Maybe it’s illegal.) I’d put in a bunch of choices for current and desired level of frugality like: do you/are you interested in? Can we add a section for net worth or will the gold diggers go for the frugal boys who have 7 figs in the bank but never spend it creating bad pairings from the site? Personally, I think finding someone who is a great match is difficult enough already without additional frugality criteria.

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