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"Stop your speech," Carlson said, cutting off his guest.

He allowed that while there are good and bad Dreamers, "more Dreamers have been busted for gang membership than have joined the military....

Representative O'Rourke is confident he will beat Ted Cruz come November 2018.

He views the Tax Bill and other Republican-passed legislation as an opportunity for Democrats to empower voters to get off of the sidelines and get involved with politics.

Carlson, snickering, termed the estimated economic benefits, which O'Rourke counted in the "tens of billions" of dollars, as "extrapolations and theoretical." But Carlson's main attack point was about O'Rourke's support for taxpayer-paid legal representation and health care, issues that are likely to come up in any debate with Cruz, who ran for president in 2016 on an immigration platform not dissimilar to Trump's. "I want to make sure that they have every opportunity to apply for asylum in this country." But, Carlson noted, most come illegally, not through refugee programs.

The musician said that it took years of counselling to recover.His Senate campaign has already raised more the Senator Cruz's campaign, and he is not accepting money from any special interests groups or super PACs.The congressman says Ted Cruz's popularity is below that of embattled Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore, who is an accused child molester."So then taxpayers are paying for them to fight American law in court? "It's good for people who are in our country, who are contributing to this country's success, to be safe, to be healthy, to be able to continue to contribute," O'Rourke said.Carlson noted that O'Rourke's bill did not distinguish between those who are contributing and those who are not. The singer had previously admitted three assaults and obstructing a garda after being taken off an Aer Lingus flight from New York’s JFK on November 10, 2014. Speaking on the Billboard’s ‘Soul Sisters’ podcast, she said: “I felt when he passed away he didn’t actually leave this world fully, “I felt him around me a lot for a while.Medical reports produced for the trial at Ennis District Court revealed she had been suffering from mania, mental illness and severely impaired judgment at the time of the incident, and that she remembered nothing about it. I could feel him trying to protect me and communicate with me.“I was manic for four months and I was wearing all kinds of metal things and masks and all kinds of weird stuff.That was two years ago.” In 2013, the Cranberries singer was praised by a rape crisis support group for her “tremendous courage” in speaking out about the childhood sexual abuse she suffered.They sounded like early NOFX, if that means anything to you. He wrote a book about the drug war and offered legislation calling for an "honest, open national debate on ending the prohibition on narcotics."In 1995, he was arrested for breaking and entering, a prank gone awry, he says, when some friends bet they could get past a fence surrounding a local college. He runs while working in Washington, and it's a part of his daily routine, according to an interview in 2013. It’s about four miles to the Washington Monument and back and about five to the Lincoln. It was a revealing outing for the three-term challenger, exposing potential attacks from the right as he seeks to make inroads in rural and small-town Texas, outside the traditional Democratic urban strongholds.Then there was the 1998 drunken driving arrest, an incident he says was "stupid" and regrets. So, I’ll do one of those runs, pick up breakfast in the basement of the Capitol and usually I’m at my desk by 8 or ." After a storm earlier this month nixed air travel to D. Will Hurd, left, and O'Rourke drove from San Antonio, becoming viral video sensations along the way. With polls showing O'Rourke still largely unknown outside of border city of El Paso, where he grew up, Republicans, least of all Cruz, have hardly begun to "define" him, as they say in politics.

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