Fossil dating technology

The newly discovered skull fragments have left researchers convinced that some members of the species survived for hundreds of thousands of years longer than previously thought.

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A team of geologists have discovered remnants of a 280-million-year-old fossil forest in Antarctica.

Read More I haven't even heard of this creature, but have a strong belief that much of mythology is simply a recollection of very real things from the past, like the Titans being the nephilim,, the giants who were the offspring of fallen angels and human women.. If these creatures died during the mass extinction at the end of the Pleistocene, then the unicorn of legend may well be a folk memory of them.

Native Americans preserved a clear memory of the mammoth and mastodon.

He is only involved with the park because of the inevitable money and fame such research could bring him.

Robert Muldoon - The park's game warden, formerly a big-game hunter and zoo consultant.

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