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While at work they learn that the company is giving away a refrigerator with a built-in TV to the first person to get 20 sales.Meanwhile, a beautiful new Australian girl (Nicky Whelan) is temping at Tel Ameri Corp.Karl is getting married in five hours to a woman named Hannah. While the boys are helping with the wedding, Adam tries to find a date.When this fails, he ends up finding a homeless woman, (Katee Sackhoff), as a date.The fan-favorite series was renewed for Seasons 6 and 7 by Comedy Central last year.The single-camera comedy follows three slackers who live, work and party together 24/7.Alice tells him that the company website needs a new male model.This starts a competition between Adam and Ders for the job. As Blake and Adam wake Ders up for their annual booze-a-thon, they find out Ders can't handle his liquor intake anymore.

Blake becomes obsessed with the house Play Station while preparing for a video-game competition. Meanwhile, Adam learns that Alice is single and he tries to seduce her.Jim Sharp and Rachel Olson oversee the project for Comedy Central.The trio is next set to star in the Netflix feature “Game Over, Man,” which will be directed by Newacheck.“Workaholics” was co-created by Anderson, Devine, Holm and Kyle Newacheck of the sketch group Mail Order Comedy.They serve as executive producers alongside Kevin Etten, Avalon Television’s Richard Allen-Turner, David Martin, Jon Thoday and Isaac Horne.The network also has two shows coming from comedian Moshe Kasher, the talk show “Problematic” and the stand-up/music hybrid series “The Comedy Jam.” On the scripted side, Comedy Central recently ordered to series the Doug Benson pot comedy “The High Court” and “Crawford” from creators Mike Clattenburg and Mike O’Neill.Find out what those 18-34 are digging us thus far this TV season.After the boys find out that their income taxes are helping to pay for the playground they're sitting in, they decide that the playground belongs to them.They then steal a dragon statue, believing it is theirs because of their taxes paid.While the boys treat Ders like he's an old man, Ders has decided to act younger than ever.When Alice tries to get the entire gang to take a photo in onesies for a client, she gets sick and puts Jillian in charge of the office.

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