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Active listening, on the other hand, means not just paying attention to what your date has to say, but making a point of engaging them – making sure that you understand and asking questions in order to prompt them to expand upon the topic.By asking follow up questions, asking to explain something you weren’t sure of or to expand on a subject, you’re showing them that you’re interested in what they have to say.Instead, you want to make a point of getting to know them by being an active listener.One of my best friends networks the way other people breathe and can make friends with just about anyone.Her trick is that she immediately shows that she’s interested in hearing what they have to say about any topic that comes up by asking questions, then using answers as a springboard to getting deeper into what they think.She makes a point to relate to them, pointing out how their experiences or interests intertwine or contrast, and then moves on to asking about conversational subject.We are drawn to passion in others because it kindles our own emotions.Passionate people have a about them and when they can talk about the things they are passionate about, it’s hard not to get caught up in their emotional rhythm.

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He’s unapologetic – he doesn’t say “yeah, my job kind of sucks”, he speaks with pride and enthusiasm.the realization that you’re watching precious seconds of your life drain away and you’ll never recover them.It’s all well and good to be able to engage someone intellectually, but you need to spur an reaction as well.Repeat the process a few times and she comes away with a valuable new contact who thinks she’s a cool person to know.Most conversations tend to be profoundly one-sided: one person talking, with the other making occasional monosyllabic “yes, I’m still listening” noises while they wait for their opportunity to talk.So we’re talking about chemistry – that ineffable “spark” that theoretically you either feel or you don’t when you meet someone.The idea of chemistry-as-fate, this moment when two compatible people meet has taken on the level of myth in our culture.A guy who can entertain a woman and make her laugh is someone who can get an emotional reaction out of her.Now getting a reaction out of someone is pretty simple – act like a giant cock and you’ll get them to respond to you.” In other words: you want to do more than just get inside your date’s pants, you want to get inside their .We are drawn to people who have passion for something in their lives; it indicates that the person we are talking to has depth and interests outside of the hum drum day to day “get up, go to work/school, come home, eat, go to bed”.

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