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They couldn’t play with toys that were kept in the closet, still packaged. On Sunday, Riverside County law enforcement discovered 13 siblings – ages 2 to 29 – imprisoned in an unassuming Perris home after a teenage captive escaped through a window and called for help, revealing a crime that has horrified and captivated the nation.

Their depraved parents, prosecutors say, only allowed them to do one thing – they could write.

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“There is a good chance that being able to write may have kept them sane,” Pennebaker said.

“In an interesting way, this may have helped them come to terms with the bizarre world they lived in.” Pennebaker, a University of Texas-Austin psychology professor who has been following the Perris case from afar, described the child torture as the “most horrific story imaginable.” In an interview on Friday, he wondered aloud why the Turpins would have allowed their children to chronicle their captivity and still kept the journals in the house, basically stockpiling evidence of their crimes.

“I will tell you as a prosecutor, there are cases that stick with you, they haunt you,” Hestrin said.

“Sometimes in this business we are faced with human depravity.

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