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It is easy to feel exasperated when incidents like #Gamer Gate go viral, making the prejudice bubbling just beneath the surface burst into full view.

At such moments, I am confronted with the fact that my enjoyment of games might come at the cost of enduring consistent forms of intolerance and violence, no matter how much I might want my experience playing games to be separate from such things.

These absences further alienate me as a gamer the older I get, as I wish to see some representation or acknowledgment of the various identities I occupy.

This sense of being misrepresented — if my identities as a queer person of color are even represented at all — is only exacerbated by the misogynist, homophobic, and transphobic culture that continues to permeate the video game industry and many gamer communities.

These and other essays demonstrate the range of questions generated at the nexus of queerness and video gaming.

Several essays that demonstrate the potential of video games’ immersive capacity for connecting with queer players are an added strength to the collection.

Comey is not expected to make any public statements at this time.

Yang argues that what was deemed a “mistake” by the game’s developer, Techland, was illustrative of how deeply misogyny had rooted itself within a well-established company.The emails were found earlier this month by investigators and eventually the discovery was revealed to FBI Deputy Director Andrew Mc Cabe.Comey has said he was notified Thursday of the developments in the case.FBI Director James Comey in a letter to Congress early Friday, though he cautioned that the agency was still working to determine “whether or not this material may be significant” to the probe of Clinton’s private email use during her tenure as secretary of state.(Comey had previously announced that investigation had been completed earlier this summer, and the FBI did not recommend for any charges to be filed against Clinton.) In the final sprint to Election Day, political pressure on the agency continued to mount over the weekend, following to inform Congressional leaders about the case’s latest developments.Yet, like an obscure power-up revitalizing the hero on their journey, a new collection of essays titled has come to address the intersection of gender, sexuality, and video games.Alongside the recent Gaymer X convention and the Queerness and Games Conference (QGCon), as well as a growing number of LGBTQ game developers working in the indie game market, the past five years have seen a welcome shift in efforts to create a safe space for players with a diverse range of sexual and gender identities.Abedin, according to law enforcement sources, was cooperating with officials and “seemed surprised that the emails were there.” Law enforcement sources additionally confirmed to CBS News’ Jeff Pegues that investigators working to review the new emails found on the laptop have obtained the search warrant they had been seeking for the case.The process of looking at and sorting through all of the emails is now proceeding.Lynch’s representatives cited long-standing practices not to comment on ongoing investigations, along with specific DOJ guidance to be particularly cautious of doing so during charged election years.AUGUST 3, 2017 AS SOMEONE WHO has always turned to video games to take a break from everyday tedium and intense stress alike, I’ve often struggled to find myself represented as a queer person of color within the digital world.

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