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However if they do not have merit - and extremists are thus being disruptive for no justifiable reason - then the 'peers' will be likely to be able to discredit (pointless) extremists with their potential supporters.Furthermore examining the reasons that Islamists (whether extremist or moderate) believe that their proposals would solve difficulties that plague many Muslim-dominated societies has the potential to reveal obstacles that those societies face that are normally neglected.It has reasonably been pointed out that theological assumptions can not be disproved by theological argument.However Islamist ideas seem to have mainly political, economic and (perhaps even) scientific implications which could be evaluated.If the Islamists' ideas have merit, they can be more widely advocated.It was made official by the Allied Powers of WWI in 1920.It provided understanding of British / French spheres of influence - in what had been Ottoman Empire.They appear to believe that current problems can be solved if they gain power through violently destabilizing existing governments in Muslim societies especially in the Middle East.For example Islamist extremists appear to believe that Muslim societies' problems are the result of centuries of Western oppression.The author suspects Islamists' ideas lack merit because Islam apparently embodies features (eg communal moral legalism and cosmological interpretations to rationalize social rigidity) that derive from the Arabic tribal context in which Islam emerged and may well be largely (though certainly not solely) responsible for the historical difficulties that Muslim-dominated societies (especially those in the Middle East) have experienced because they inhibit the change and learning that prosperity requires.Islamism may be the logical end point of the assumption that states should be governed in accordance with the way a set of guidelines for life in the 7th century are interpreted by modern-day religious authorities.

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