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During 1954, the Pflueger Company issued its spinning reel.Collectors of vintage Pflueger reels will be interested in the Progress 1774 Fly Reel.The next date code for the Shakespeare model 1920 Wondereel is FK telling us it started production in 1951.Meanwhile, the model GE was in production from 1946 thru 1950.The Progress reel was produced from 1948 to 1952 with the frame of the device constructed in brass and the spool built from aluminum.The handle is a dark mahogany plastic material and the reel is manufactured for use by a left or right handed angler.Later, he found employment in the grocery industry.Pflueger never lost his childhood inventiveness and by 1880, he was responsible for requesting more than 50 different patents. Pflueger was born in Akron and by the time he was 15, the younger Pflueger was working for his father. died in 1890 and his son took over the managerial responsibilities of the tackle business.

These date codes were not a part of the model number, but a way of tracking changes to the reel over time.

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Pflueger was one of the first inventors of fishing tackle.

Stevens w/ DJ; Hornaday reloading books; 3 reloading presses & related supplies; Lyman electric furnace; lead shot, hulls, wads, patches, etc; large amt of both pistol, rifle & shot gun ammunition; black powder; variety of black powder/muzzle loader shooting supplies; Cutco sheath knife, NIB; NRA sheath knife; Queen’s Steel sheath knife; lg sheath knife w/ horn handle; Case butcher knife; 4 Hunting Classics, NIB; Browning 2 pc hatchet & knife set; Sheffield 2 pc multi-tool, NIB; Western fish knife; Camillus lock back; Kutmaster w/ Purina advertisement; Marbles Electrician’s knife & 25 misc. Hummin’bird Wide 100 portable fish locator; Fish Ray w/ box; Mobil Boating Guide, 1959; few older lures incl Heddon Pumpkin Seed Baby Lucky; Lazy Ikes, Chuggers; etc; multiple tackle boxes & fishing accessories; Longfellow Trail Pack rod & others; Mitchell 900 reel, NIB; South Bend 710A spinning reel w/ box; older Zebco XRL-40 spinning reel; D. USN Mark 5 flare gun w/ holster, plus 5 cans of WWII era flares; GI canteen; Takit back pack stove; Bear Grizzly compound bow; youth bow & arrows; Stealth 35mm Trail Cam; Bushnell Night Vision scope; binoculars; metal detector; gun rests, shooting stands, tripods, etc; targets; clay birds; Do-All trap thrower; Western White flyer trap house thrower; Peters, Remington & other flattened shotgun shell boxes; deer head mounts; 7 pc cased Outdoor Edge game processor; 3 cannon balls; 8” brass cannon; Hopalong Cassidy flashlight; nice group of books on the Civil War; misc other collectibles.

With their father’s passing, the family has chosen the auction method of marketing to disperse his collection.

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