Dating nightmares and how to handle them

He looks at me and “Mmm, uh, Dee, Brr” so I asked “Do you not remember my name? I believed it could never be topped (which obviously means you need to read the next post). I think you are what men would perceive as attractive.I matched with someone – dark hair, green eyes, very attractive. He asked me if I found the male bartender attractive. I don’t care either way, but it’s kind of weird to ask that”. I don’t find you attractive, but I would like to be in a relationship with you.

I had commented to him about the fact that he was drinking tequila as a shot and I thought it was a bit odd to be doing shots by yourself with no chaser or drink on its own but he swore he could handle it. He barely made it back to the bar, sits down and pulls a bag of cocaine out of his pocket.

He texted me that he was there at pm, I was walking around the corner.

Now, I should mention, this gentleman was 51, told me that he was 6’4″. So, that’s a little off and I know this is not going to go anywhere romantically simply because he lied about the most basic thing AND, I just can’t. We were talking and as it turns out, he works for an online publication that writes about my boss so we actually did have some nonsense to talk about.

We went out and had a great time, he was attentive, respectful, intelligent, witty – everything a girl could ask for. I, slightly confused, explained to him that I’m a very respectful person and when I am out with someone, they get my undivided attention so I did not really have an answer. ”, my uh oh radar is starting to beep and my lack of a filter kicked in – “Dude, what’s the real reason you’re asking? Conditional that I am allowed to watch you sleep with random men.

I actually stuck around for dinner – as a rule, I never make first dates ‘dinner’ dates. Preferably two to three a night.” Well…he was nearly perfect. When I tell people this story, because I’m a frittata, I do end it with “The heavy breathing in the corner was really strange at first”.

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