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Bud, however, saw the potential in producing baseball bats, and the elder Hillerich eventually relented to his son. In 1905, Honus Wagner signed a deal with the company, becoming the first baseball player to officially endorse a bat.The bats were sold under the name "Falls City Slugger" until Bud Hillerich took over his father's company in 1894, and the name "Louisville Slugger" was registered with the U. Frank Bradsby, a salesman, became a partner in 1916, and the company's name changed to Hillerich and Bradsby.In addition to retiring the P72 model number, Louisville Slugger also promised to give the final 72 P72 bats produced to Jeter to raise funds for his Turn 2 Foundation.There are three branches of Hillerich & Bradsby: Louisville Slugger, Bionic Gloves, and Powerbilt Golf.Ash trees in the United States are now under attack from the emerald ash borer, an invasive insect species native to Asia and first detected in Michigan in 2002.

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Currently, there are 11 types of gloves: Golf, Gardening, Tennis, Fitness, Equestrian, Driving, Dress, Motorcycle, Racquetball, Baseball, and Drummer gloves. They recently introduced clubs that feature nitrogen charged technology.Below I will leave a link to a Louisville Slugger Bat dating guide showing different eras of bats.You can match these with the logo on your bat to get an approximate date for your Louisville Slugger bat. Some bats have an H& B brand in the oval trademark, rather than Louisville Slugger.Some bats have an H&B brand in the oval trademark, rather than Louisville Slugger.The H&B brand denotes a lower grade and lower priced retail bat.The documentation on the link page has the name spelled Rabbitt.There was a player for the 1922 Cleveland Indians named Joe Rabbitt.In the 1990s, the company returned south to Louisville.Most of Hillerich and Bradsby's wood bats are made from Northern white ash grown in proprietary forests on the New York–Pennsylvania border.Besides its products, H&B attaches the Louisville Slugger name to other entities as a sponsor.The Cincinnati Reds' Triple A affiliate, the Louisville Bats, play at Louisville Slugger Field in downtown Louisville.

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