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Little do Barbie and Andy's toys know that Ken is aligned with Lotso as one of his henchmen.Ken then shows his Dream House to the toys and expresses his desire to share it with someone else, making Barbie more lovestruck.

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He is formerly the secondary antagonist of Toy Story 3, and is the protagonist of Hawaiian Vacation. He is also known for wearing various outfits in his Dream House.

Just as Barbie was named after the creators Elliot & Ruth Handler's daughter, Ken was named after their son.

Like Barbie, although his look and style evolved through the years, he always had a killer wardrobe and an ensemble for every occasion!

The ten new outfits introduced this year are some of the most sought-after Ken ensembles and also the most valuable.

There were also 12 Fashion Paks carried over from 1964.

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