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The star of the video this time was Eugene the dog and the dildo Christine found on the street.

They stuck the dildo on the glass and Eugene bit it off, after sliding the door open from pulling so hard.

Even more like Elijah and Christine, one of us was skilled in using the mask while the other was not.

Either way, while the mask was drying, we sat on the couch in the dark, and he turned on their first video.

Whether they’re at drag shows, Ikea, or buying easy bake ovens to make weed brownies, they always do something that could potentially get them in trouble.

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The name in itself already strikes a chord with me, but then seeing Elijah “rip the dick” and try to go about it seriously…it was too much.I think I was crying, but not from sentiment, from laughter.In all of their antics, I have to say that my favorite Elijah and Christine video is “WE MADE AN ALIEN DILDO BONG!!Now, this seems cute, but remember it is Elijah and Christine we’re talking about, so something has to be off.The cute little ring, Elijah hid it in a burrito that Christine found while eating.Skipping over Christine’s solo videos, some of which I had already seen, we went right to “STEVE JOBS IS ALIVE??” and I have to say, I haven’t laughed that hard in a while.The pair appeared relaxed as they stood outside, perhaps waiting for a car from the valet.Both Seth and his friend kicked back as they sat on a stool.Put together a Donald Trump fan-fiction writer and bible-studies Viner and you get Elijah and Christine, an undeniable comedy act.Subscribe to their You Tube channel here and try and get them to one million subscribers- if they hit it, they get hitched!

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