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During the 1870s it was believed by most that the transcontinental railway would take a northwesterly direction from Portage la Prairie.

Many thought that the route would most likely go through either Minnedosa or Rapid City, Manitoba because they were both located at natural river crossings.

According to the 2011 National Household Survey, 91.0% of Brandon's residents are Canadian citizens, and about 9.0% of residents are recent immigrants (from 2001 to 2011).

The racial make up of Brandon is; European (77.3%), Aboriginal (11.2%); First Nations (6.3%), Metis (4.7%), Latin American (4.4%), East Asian (3.5%), Black (1.2%) Southeast Asian (1.0%), South Asian (1.0%), West Asian & Arab (0.3%) and 0.1% of the population is multiracial while the rest of the population (0.1%) is of another group.

Rosser had chosen Brandon as the townsite in May 1881, within a year settlers had flocked to Brandon in such numbers that it was incorporated as a city.

Brandon never spent any time as a town or village but has only existed as a city.

With the expectation of the new railroad, settlers and prospectors now rushed to an area they had previously avoided. Rosser, Chief Engineer of the Canadian Pacific Railway arrived in Grand Valley.

It was Rosser's job to choose the townsites for the railway.

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The median household income before taxes is ,177, and after taxes at ,836, which is a bit lower than the national average at ,089.

The lowest temperature ever recorded was −46.7 °C (−52 °F) on 1 February 1893..

The median age is 35.6 years old which is 5 years younger than the national average at 40.6 years old.

Grand Valley was located on the northern side of the Assiniboine, opposite the side of the river where present-day Brandon sits.

Grand Valley was originally settled by two brothers John and Dougal Mc Vicar, and their families.

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