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Then he wonders: was some previous chapter of the universe ripped away from us?“Here we are touching the elephant, not knowing that in fact there’s an elephant standing there.To have an honest conversation about physical abuse in Catholic educational institutions, we need to at least recognize that corporal punishment was, until very recently, considered a normal part of child-rearing.Research conducted in the past decades regarding the psychological damage that physical punishment can cause has hugely impacted our understanding and that has been reflected in all of our school systems, as well as in our homes.Like Drummond at the end of in his hands, Coyne represented an intriguing third option outside of the fray.The new atheists have largely faded, and affable agnostics like Tyson have filled the vacuum.There are theological and historical reasons for this, but the bottom line is this: Catholicism is a science-friendly religion, and it’s enshrined in the Catholic Catechism.Even at the peak of the new atheism and its mockery of all things religious in the 2000s, one man seemed to draw the respect and attention of people like Richard Dawkins and Bill Maher: Fr.

“Put that into place in 1582, because the previous Julian calendar was messing up in the year. And the pope said, ‘We got to fix this…’ There’s a Vatican Observatory to this day. So Catholics have been in there in multiple places.” This little exchange might have seemed uninteresting in another era, but not today.He may not be an unwavering fan of religion (the first episode of his TV series painted 16th-century Catholic clerics as anti-science), but he is committed first and foremost to advancing knowledge, not denigrating religion.This is a welcome turn of events, one that has resulted in more positive encounters like the one with Colbert. Catholic scientists were not only behind the formation of the calendar and the formulation of the Big Bang Theory: they were behind groundbreaking discoveries about the size of the earth (Fr.Teachers no longer have the authority to spank and physically reprimand students.Anti-bullying campaigns have taught us that humiliation is not an effective form of punishment.Jean-Félix Picard), pasteurization (Louis Pasteur), and genetics (Gregor Mendel).In fact, one of the first people to correctly explain rainbows was a 13th-century Dominican friar!His response reveals a deep humility about the observable universe.In the future, dark energy will render the universe so large that all of the galaxies – the source of “everything we know about the history of the universe” – will be “ripped” from view.In his Letter to Children, Pope John Paul II wrote, “children suffer many forms of violence from grown-ups …How can we not care, when we see the suffering of so many children, especially when this suffering is in some way caused by grown-ups.” His words reflected the better-understanding that grew through the later part of the 20th century.

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