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Although happy with his Boston job, Heinz yearned to further his education in business.

However, friends said, he put his interests on hold to watch his mother find new love in Massachusetts Sen. The couple wed in 1996 with the blessing of Christopher and his older brothers, John, 33, and Andre, 30.

Among the guests was Michael Moore, the even more ubiquitous Arianna Huffington (whom I inadvertently referred to by her maiden name, Stassinopolous, the other day), plus GE/Universal chairman Bob Wright, his new corporate P. person Anna Perez, NBC chief Jeff Zucker, NBC anchor Tom Brokaw, CNBC President Pamela Thomas-Graham and MSNBC's Chris Matthews, Brown's esteemed husband Harold Evans, plus Democratic donors and supporters Patricofs and Goodales, as well as former Senator George Mc Govern, former mayor Willie Brown, former Senator Carol Moseley-Braun, BET president Debra Lee, plus even more Democratic strongholders like Harold Ickes and Paul Beirne, Lisa Caputo, New York's Robert Zimmerman, Susan Estrich, Joe Klein, Katrina vanden Heuvel, Rolling Stone publisher Jann Wenner with boyfriend Matt Nye, and former Recording Industry Association of America chief Hilary Rosen, who must have an MP3 player by now.Not the case for Paltrow’s new low-profile pal, friends say. He’s the hunky son of philanthropist Teresa Heinz and an heir to her estimated 0 million ketchup fortune. Yearning to be just like his father, in September 1991, Heinz enrolled at the residential Pierson College at Yale University – the same school his father attended.Friends say the 27-year-old Harvard Business School student is likely to follow in his late father’s footsteps – maybe even into politics. Fellow students who knew him there described Heinz as “low-key” and “down-to-earth” despite his household name and immense fortune.The two have been spied tooling around Manhattan together – most recently over the weekend, arm-in-arm at the Pace Wildenstein Gallery’s 40th anniversary celebration.For their first “date,” Post sources say the charming ketchup king whisked Paltrow off to London for a romantic weekend.DESPITE his business acumen, Heinz has shied away from the family’s beneficence.“He’s the only son not on one of our boards,” says Maureen Marinelli of the Heinz Endowment in Pittsburgh.And if John Kerry should become the next president, don't look for Heinz to move into the White House with his stepfather and mother."It's not smart to live with your parents," he assured me.Maybe that was just for the sake of the flirty movie, in which the two fall in love.She’s repeatedly insisted off-screen she and Affleck are history and are more like siblings.

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