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And I bet you’ll enjoy watching her playing with it! Gorgeous Czech chick Barbara Bieber gets turned on so her lover Kristof Cale starts licking her up and masturbating her with a big vibrator.They start fucking passionately while she holds the vibrator on her clit.You can't help but wish you could join in but you must keep quiet. Agatha thinks that when it comes to vibrators, size doesn’t matter at all.She can have a lot of fun even with a very tiny bullet vibrator.They can't resist peeling their clothes off in the hallway and taking their desires to the bedroom.You watch as they slowly start kissing, touching, and making each other cum in every way possible.She lets her robe fall open to expose perfectly pert medium-size breasts, then examines her crotch – her bush is short but full and, as she ruffles it with her fingers, she decides to shave it.She takes a pink plastic disposable razor and a can of shaving foam, then steps into her empty bathtub.

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After teasing that beautiful body, Johnny can hardly resist getting a taste of what Brenna has to offer.

However, she gets distracted and is only halfway through when she begins to masturbate, rubbing her foamy snatch with her fingers.

She sucks on the pink handle of the razor, wetting it, then slips it inside of her pussy, using it like a dildo as she teases her clit.

She pauses to remove her skirt, showing off the way her panties and seamed pantyhose cling to her firm ass, then sits astride her man in reverse cowgirl and grinds her silky nylon-clad crotch on his boner.

He strokes her legs and fondles her breasts, teasing her puffy nipples.

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