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After making a huge wave during its rollout in 2015, some legacy publishers are now abandoning Facebook Instant Articles.

In fact, more than half of the original launch partners for Instant Articles were no longer using the format in January 2018.

It gives publishers a shot to focus on creating meaningful content that resonates with the right audience.

It's a chance to create real organic loyalty that can survive any future algorithm update or platform change.

Still, Facebook announced that the use of Instant Articles grew 25% last year, with more than 10,000 publishers on board.We're a small team — you won't be just a cog in the machine.We want you to love scalable solutions, and actively be part of the creative process of making the company more scalable. As a founder, the answer is actually very personal to me.2018 has been full of sweeping algorithm changes and meaningful updates that are getting tweaked and expanded almost every week.Here's where we'll keep a timeline all year long of each platform and algorithm change, and what it means for your Page. What Happened: No one can deny that 2018 started off rocky for publishers.We're looking for a talented and motivated engineer that will join our Dev Ops team here at Rebel Mouse.We love people who bring value beyond code, care about ideas and concepts, and want their voice and expression to be heard and included.What Happened: Not more than a week after publishers began recuperating from Facebook's first major update of the year, the company released another.This update focused on the quality of news, piggybacking on all of the previous fake news initiatives we saw throughout 2017.Facebook dropped their biggest algorithm-update bomb to date, and it sent the entire media world into a frenzy.On January 11, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg wrote a lengthy post that detailed the platform's new goal, and laid out the framework for changes to come.

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