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Another way to better understand this Hong Kong phenomenon is that Kong Girls have the so-called “Princess Syndrome”, the symptoms of which are narcissism and egocentrism.Interestingly, Kong Girls have become less conspicuous recently, so if you’re not sure how to spot one, here are some handy tips to keep in mind.Some women tend to foolishly believe that they can ‘change’ a Total Alpha male type into either an , and every now and then, a few women do succeed in that endeavor if and when they become the long-term girlfriend or wife of a Total Alpha male type.The vast majority of the time though, women tend to end a long-term relationship or marriage with a Total Alpha male feeling very egotistically bruised and frustrated and/or emotionally heartbroken.His mind rarely even entertains thoughts related to how he is perceived by others.In many, many ways, the Total Alpha male is ‘self-absorbed’ and even a bit narcissistic to a degree.

The vast majority of men who fall into this category tend to naturally communicate with women in a manner because men in this category simply do not care if others find them to be a bit ‘cocky’ and/or too candid and outspoken.Kong Girls tend to view the idea of bearing children as a personal Armageddon, because that means waving goodbye to their figure and their youthfulness, and no more self-indulgence.If you think you can steer clear of these predatory Kong Girls, then think again.An Italian friend of mine once complained to me that he couldn’t get his head around Hong Kong women’s mentality.He said many of the women he had dated quite bluntly declared what they were looking for in a relationship – happiness (and lots of it).Worst of all, they seem to lack the self-awareness to realise they are the embodiments of such undesirable traits.“Kong” is short for Hong Kong, which also emphasises the locality, but it doesn’t insinuate that the entire Hong Kong female population are Kong Girls.progressively moving forward with their lives without the company of male friends or women).Even though many women tend to often categorize Total Alpha male types as ‘control freaks’ and narcissists, a lot of women cannot help but be intrigued by a man who behaves in a manner that can be perceived as just as egotistical as women themselves, just as spoiled as women themselves, just as defiant and stubborn as women themselves, and just as vain, aloof, and enigmatic as women themselves.This is the #1 trait of a man who can validly be referred to as a type.The primary strength of the Total Alpha male is that he genuinely could care less what other people think about him or his behavior.

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