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Bishop Noel Jones Speaks a Powerful Word about Marriage and Divorce He gives a very transparent and candid account of marriage and divorce. Because he has divorced he goes on to say even he had to repent.Noel Jones (born January 31, 1950) is an American minister.His parents took him and his two siblings at the time, Chris and Grace, and relocated to Syracuse, New York in 1965.

However, none of these ladies have been affiliated or known for their Christian beliefs or values.

The church has a choir known as the City of Refuge Sanctuary Choir.

English film director and producer Sophie Fiennes in 2002 made a documentary film about the Greater Bethany Community Church with the title Hoover Street Revival.

There are so many Christian women who desire to be married.

Due to their Christian beliefs, many find it hard to find a man outside of the church who possess the same values and standards they desire.

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