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So you just started dating a fella and the pesky holiday season is fast approaching.Do you skip the gift altogether and risk him deeming you a cheap curmudgeon lady? Get him a something that shows you care, but not too much.And not just “any someone,” but a person you think might turn out to be the romantic partner you’ve been looking for?The key word here is “might.” After only a few promising dates, it is still too soon to tell.” Here are four tips that will help you hit the sweet spot when buying a gift for someone new in your life: 1. Honestly now, who doesn’t want to get a present at Christmas? The best romantic gifts—even when the relationship is brand new—are ones that keep pointing to you long after the wrapping paper has been tossed.Even as adults we can’t help but feel that delicious anticipation when handed a package with our name on it. On the other hand, what you give really is important. Example: A sampling of chocolates from places you’ve visited around the world; a copy of your favorite book, with a note about why it’s meaningful to you; a special meal you prepare from scratch.

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We’d rather you didn’t spend any more money on us at the start of the relationship.

Suddenly you have a whole new set of things to consider as you shop, beginning with: “Should I give a gift at all? Should I give something special, to show my growing feelings?

Or something ordinary to send the message I’m not moving too fast?

(Stick with me here.) If you don’t, we’re going to assume you’re on the fence about us, or just don’t care that much.

It’s hard for an early relationship to recover from that, so don’t blow this, dude.

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