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SM: That leads right into my next questions of how did you get from “Ghost Hunters” to “GHI? They had a few team members on “GHI” that wanted to leave.

SM: Is there a reason why they break up your show like that? “Ghost Hunters” is the main show, so I think that they just kind of work us in-between.

Seances would offer a way to interact with spirits but Williams largely distrusts them.

Those involved would be asked to keep their hands clasped or on a table while skeptics wouldn't be allowed to sit at the table and the mediums could not be touched during the process.

The two television shows looked at whether something truly was going on in homes or businesses where haunted experiences were reported.

Instead, the former paranormal investigator from the Sy Fy television channel's "Ghost Hunters" and "Ghost Hunters International" series discussed ethics which fraudsters have ignored throughout history."They claimed that people were yanked from their beds and one girl claimed she woke up feeling a cold hand on her face." The family launched an investigation, performing tests involving call and response tactics to interview the spirit, which was believed to be a 31-year-old peddler murdered in the house then buried in the basement.Two of the Fox sisters quickly became famous as they were considered to be mediums.That leaves it up to how much you trust the person, Williams said. "By the 1930s, (spiritualism) started fizzling out," she said. Even with the investigators I trust with my life, we'll still question each other. Usually, when people are up to no good and you start questioning them and questioning them, they get ticked off." Williams urges investigators to use multiple pieces of equipment. Renee Bisson is scheduled to appear on July 3, with the Memory Brothers performing 1950s, 1960s, rock and country covers on Aug. He wore disguises after he was no longer allowed at public seances.Gadgets, tools and equipment soon came into the fold.Several networks have launched similar productions. "The biggest problem is our audience has become desensitized," said Williams. And you have the honest investigators stuck in the middle of this trying to make the show interesting without being a fraud." Williams exited "Ghost Hunters International" after realizing motivations relied too heavily on ratings. The production company should have known better," Williams said. Ratings for this show took a nosedive after this episode." Approximately six months later, the show was cancelled. "I look back to the spiritualist movement, so the mid-1800s," she said."They want to see chairs being levitated and being thrown. The last straw was an incident involving a cast member cutting herself in a bloodletting ritual held at a location in Belize. And now, Williams stays involved in the field but in a way she is no longer edited. Early in her career, Williams was asked where she saw investigations going in the next five to 10 years. "You'll see a lot of similarities to today." Williams hopes to see the field avoid the same "crash and burn" that occurred to spiritualism in the 1930s."The main reason was it was just getting attacked." Scientists and investigators began to disprove theories. Devices now popular in the field look at frequencies in the electromagnetic field while others record sounds and video in varying quality. " Williams' lecture was part of the Fun Friday Series being held at the Masonic Temple Ballroom in Bennington. Margaret Fox went on to call the movement "an absolute falsehood from the beginning to the end," admitting she and her sister fooled people. "I don't know how many times I sat in what was an empty room, asking random questions then I go home and listen to a recording where I'm getting sweared at.

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