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The majority of actors make less than 00 a year acting. The more that I figure out a way to express to different people the concepts that are in poker, the better off my game is. Within nine months he won a huge tournament where he won almost 0,000. And the unhappiness it would bring in me would outweigh my desire for my children to have two parents in the household. Because either it’s professionals, who certainly have a choice, or it’s people who just have a lot of money, who are playing with you. Here in Hollywood, I know there are tons of underground games. I get invited to, like, friends of mine’s houses that play, like, 0 buy-in games, where it’s okay with them. It is easier to beat a 20-year-old than a 60-year old?

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Bu whenever I came across somebody who I thought was doing something really horrible, I would always make it a point to say something like “get some help”. I mean, the great thing about poker is, it’s this wonderful even playing field, where everybody’s equal. But like, the really big money games, I don’t get invited to any of them. Duke: It depends on the 20-year-old and the 60-year-old.

By Peter Hossli (text) and Charly Kurz (photos)Ms Duke, what are the odds that I will ever beat you at poker? Can you learn the skill, or is it mostly a question of talent? If you let me work with him for a while, I can insure that he’s gonna win at mid-level poker. I allowed that to really deeply affect me when I first started playing. I would be throwing stuff against the walls, and storming out in tears.

Understanding conceptually and mathematically what poker is about can get you very far. Duke: I have a pretty good conceptual understanding of the game. I really don’t allow previous results to affect what I’m doing going forward. Many people look for similarities between life and the poker table. Duke: Life is very much a long run proposition, just like poker. And one thing that people have a really hard time separating in life is that good results don’t necessarily mean that the decision that led to the good result was good. And I definitely carried that over with me to the beginning of my poker career. That was probably the biggest obstacle for me to work through, in order to become a good player.

People don’t realize is that one of the biggest skills in poker is money management.

Right before he earned a Ph D she dropped out of school, married and moved to Montana. Later she lived in Las Vegas with her four children. Now Annie Duke lives in Los Angeles with her four children.

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