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So the whole cast gets together, we get to see what the whole cast has been doing the past 10 years. FILLION: It was something we wanted to do, but we didn’t know that we would be able to get the funding to go that far. We set our sights a little low in regards to the pledge goal. If we do more episodes, I really want to focus on the work that they’re putting in. Sometimes, the universe needs a boot to the head, so the time has come to give Fate a swift kick in the rear. (This is not a mixed metaphor, as the world clearly has its head up its ass these days.) Thus, I send up this flare; it is yours to smother or let illuminate. But finding a man in this circus is its own special circle of hell, and this dainty Dante has had enough.Sometimes, it is better to light a flamethrower than to curse the darkness. You came blazing into my life just as I took my first adult steps.

TUDYK: But the tricky thing for Wray is, he goes to these conventions, he feels like a rock star, and he then goes home to a one-bedroom apartment and he can’t get any jobs.

A love that catches so intensely is destined to burn quickly out unless it is fed a steady diet of fuel. (At 5’3” it is not at all uncommon for a man to keep me literally on my toes.) Inevitably, every fiery romance must face the harsh cool winds of reality.

You kept my flame more than sated as a stoner waxing floors in Pittsburgh and a medieval squire waxing poetic about food. I will admit, our flame flickered in those next few years.

A well-meaning lover surprised me with tickets to see and I delayed ending our dying relationship for two weeks so I wouldn’t miss my chance to see you live.

(It is the worst thing I have ever done to a man, and I did it to the nicest guy I have ever dated. This conflagration I carry has grown from a spark to a blaze, through sputters, and into a bona fide bonfire; it is no mere torch – it is an eternal flame. Of course, I expected that this would have happened by now.

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