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Goldie Roberts, Mayor of Shaniko attended the hearing but did not testify.

The Blue Mountatin Alliance speakers discussed the situation of Eagle deaths and danage to bat populations and other issues.

Scenic Highway Day Trip from and to: Maupin Deschutes River White Water Rafting & Fly Fishing - Sherar's Bridge Falls Bend & Redmond Oregon - Exciting Motorcycle & Biking Touring Rout Warm Springs Indian Reservation- Indian Head Casino- Ka-Nee-Ta Lodge - Google Data Center, The Dalles, Oregon. Grass Valley Oregon Race Track.The members of EFSC were all present Friday and the Brush Canyon hearing but the Hearings Officer had not completed his findings and the Council continued the matter of the proposed Brush Canyon wind facility to their next meeting.ODOE presented summary of public comments ntwo binders randing from the US Navy regarding interference with training flights.The one speaker said that the people in Antelope were being too nice to the Oregon Department of Energy. attorney Myles Conway who represents EOM, Easter Oregon Mining, various owners with mineral rights in portions of some ranches in the project.He said his clients were not happy with lack of notice of the project and that project development as planned could have adverse impacts on his clients interests in developing their mineral rights including natural gas.Robin Moats, acting Mayor of Antelope spoke of a number of concerns including traffic, noise and light pollution. Attorney John Silvertooth-Stewart of Antelope also urged a bypass road citing an excessive amount of construction traffic (more that 500% according to E-On)..Barbara Beasley City of Antelope Finance Officer submitted an exhibit showing the historic scenic vistas from Antelope which are endangered by E-On's wind turbines.One of the spokesmen said that it was unfair to the citizens of Antelope to not have the Siting Council Members present.The ODOE responded it was necessary because of the hearing that was canceled due to bad weather.Comments: Public testimony (oral or written) will be taken at the Public Hearing: p.m., Monday, Dec.9, 2013 Central Oregon Community College Community Room Madras, OR . meeting declded not to allow the Antelope Fire Chief Mike Carter to use that city's radio frequency. under Carter had been given permission to use the frequency but when Shaniko merged with the South Sherman he was issued letter advising him not to use that frequency and if he did the district would file a complaint with the FCC.

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