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But I think that very soon I will be able to open my heart to you.

I'm trying to keep track of all the events taking place in the world. Today I am very tired at work, even though I was shortened day. Some employees are telling me that I was very happy and cheerful. Now, unfortunately, I am unable to do it very often. In general, in Russian men do not value their women. I hope that my letter will not make you sad and tired of you. Thank you very much for what you do not forget me and write me letters. It is always for me like a ray of sunshine that penetrates my heart. You're smart, beautiful, intelligent and open-minded person. I understand that we are very similar, we have the same outlook on life. With each your letter I understand that you are my very dear person Ronny! I want to come home and see my man who will greet me with a smile on his face. I always like to see next to me was a man who can truly love me. All my friends tell me that I am an active girl who is unstoppable. But my life is not completely happy, because I do not have love and affection. rt flere e-postliste pa slutten, og blant dem var din e-post! Og jeg er glad for a lese det igjen og igjen tusenvis av miles av wire, du leste brevet mitt pa skjermen sin. Ronny, Jeg onsker na a fortelle deg om utdanning og arbeid! Therefore I am sending you such beautiful pictures. Now I live alone, after the death of my parents I was home! As well, most of my friends are now living in other cities. You know perfectly well that I do not like men who abuse alcohol. It was a very unpleasant, and I tried to explain to him that! Jeg prover a skrive en oppriktig brev og formidle folelser som for oyeblikket i mitt hjerte. Anna, has elaborated on the experience of my photo sessions, but I lacked a pleasure to watch them. Now, unfortunately, I do not have much time to chat with friends, because I have a lot of work. In his spare time, I like hanging out with friends in a city park. After 1 year of communication, I began to notice that people change. It has allowed companies to drink a lot of our friends, and then flirt with other girls.

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